360 Interactive Virtual Tour & VR

360 Interactive Virtual Tour & VR

A 360° Interactive Virtual Tour/VR gives a venue a more versatile approach to 360. More features and Plugins can be embedded onto the Panoramic imagery and giving it a more lively feeling.

Types of Plugins

  • Area of Interest
  • Hotel/Motel Styles
  • Service Booking
  • Point of Interest


Types of Features

  • Integration

A simple and effective method to embed the virtual tour created onto various platforms such as website or different type of social media. The system integration allows the virtual tour to be more accessible. This can assist in increase your brand visibility and ensure a higher conversion rate.

  • Compatibility

The software is compatible with browsers like Internet Explorer 10 and higher, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Accessing the virtual tours via is also possible and user-friendly. It is supported on both Android and Apple devices.

  • Multiplatform/Multilanguage

With the current age of cutting-edge technologies, the platform adapts automatically to the most advanced touchscreen, tablet or smartphone tools. It also supports up to 20 different types of Major languages. This will allows users from around the globe to view your interactive tour.