Digital Marketing has revolutionized itself over the years to better create awareness and outreach to more consumers, business and large corporations. Non-Profit organizations have all gone into the Digital Marketing Foray to seek out more donations from middle class to wealthy clients.


Digital marketing comprises many methods and factor to reach ones clients. In Sfaera marketing, we include a variety of methods to reach our clients as:


  • Search Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEO)
  • Content building and Marketing
  • Influence Marketing
  • Campaigns and Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Games
  • SMS and MMS marketing

One method Sfaera Marketing usually does with clients is to tailor made the clients options and choices to cater their clients’ needs to ensure the best is offered to the clients and results are produced.


Sfaera marketing Thrives itself as a client orientated firm that caters for their clients’ needs when and what is needed to produce the right results for the Client.


Sfaera marketing also has experienced Creative Strategist to draw the Road map/timeline for the Clients campaigns and program outreach. The role is to create the right contents and timeline for the campaigns.