Wi-Fi Study

Official partner of Ekahau,
world’s biggest brand of Wi-Fi design.

Wi-Fi Study

Sfaera Marketing is an official partner of Ekahau, the world’s biggest brand of Wi-Fi Design and Spectrum Analysis for Business-Critical WLANs. We provide consultancy and services, to accurately design a high-capacity network based on your requirements.

Ekahau are the global leader in solutions for enterprise wireless network design and troubleshooting. More than 50% of Fortune 500 companies run their networks with Ekahau’s Wi-Fi planning and measurement solutions.

Ekahau software and hardware solutions design and manage superior wireless networks by minimizing network deployment time and ensuring sufficient wireless coverage across all industries, project sizes, building infrastructures and levels of complexity. Ekahau are recognized for delivering the easiest-to-use, most reliable solutions for Wi-Fi planning, site surveys, troubleshooting and optimization.

Our Services


Using Ekahau equipment, we help you to place the right number of access point (APs) in the right location.


We perform ongoing network optimization, to ensure there is maximum coverage of your wireless network.


We diagnose and fix interference issues, that disrupt the reliability and stable connection of your wireless network.


Ekahau Sidekick

Ekahau Sidekick is the most advanced, all-in-one Wi-Fi diagnostic and measurement device on the market, to deliver pinpoint accuracy for professional results.

Professional and Precise Wi-Fi Diagnostics

The precision of the Sidekick assures your Wi-Fi to be set up right the first time, and make it easy to identify common wireless interferers that will saves your time and money.

Ekahau Services

Ekahau Pro

Ekahau Pro accurately predicts network coverage, performance, and capacity in 3D. Design for coverage as well as capacity thanks to the advanced capacity planning features.

Ekahau Survey

Ekahau Autopilot Survey mode automatically locates all nearby access points, places them on the map, and delivers an instant post-survey analysis.

Ekahau Analyzer

Ekahau Analyzer provides mobility and convenience for troubleshooting. With remote collaboration, anyone onsite can identify potential issues and relay info back to Wi-Fi professionals.

Ekahau Capture

Capture security threats such as misconfigured Wi-Fi security settings, exposed network or user information, unencrypted traffic, and denial of Service (DoS) attacks.

Wi-Fi HeatMap

A Wi-Fi heatmap is a visual representation of the wireless signal coverage and strength. 
HeatMap helps the user understand and interpret the data more effectively than trying to decode an exorbitant amount of tabular data.

Wi-Fi Design

Wireless network capacity is a calculation of the number of devices that can be supported on a wireless network based on the bandwidth being consumed and the number of Wi-Fi radios available on the network.